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Humanity First

We encourage our students to be compassionate, to do the right thing, respect diversity and exhibit socially responsible behaviour. This is represented in our motto 'Humanity First'.

Inquiry Based Learning

Students use prior knowledge to build new knowledge. Involved students ask questions leading to better understanding.

Sensitive, Dedicated Teachers

Our teachers model the enthusiasm and sense of wonder of their students, especially in inquiry based education. They are trained, sensitive and experienced.

Open Architecture

Our learning studios are interconnected and transparent, allowing greater collaboration and communication. The natural light also creates a warm environment.


Inquiry Based Learning: Learning for Life

Inquirybased learning encourages active interest and inspires creativity. It provides students with the opportunity to explore subjects, concepts, and ideas in a way that uniquely sparks lifelong learning in each individual student.

  • My son is studying in Ambience Public School and I am totally satisfied parent , they follow academics and co curricular activities simultaneously. They focus on over all development of the child. They have all sports facilities also


    Shikha Deepak Singh

  • My kids are studying at Ambience Public School. I am happy and satisfied with their development there.


    Divya Sharma

  • My daughter is studying there and m really satisfied with her overall development and growth mindset.


    Sonu Kaushal

  • The staff principal and admin staff are so good and their teaching pedagogies are very resourceful.


    Meenakshi Sharma

Special Assembly on Guru Nanak Dev ji at Ambience School,Gurugram

A special assembly  on Guru Nanak Dev ji was presented by students of Ambience School. It began with a poised prayer followed by an act enacted by the students on Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s life. Students learned the meaning of virtue, happiness, Kindness, equality & wisdom. It was informative and interactive with a discussion on […]

Grandparents Day Celebration at Ambience School, Gurugram

“दादा-दादी, नाना-नानी, सारे जग से न्यारे। सीधे सच्चे, सबसे अच्छे, मुझको लगते प्यारे।।”                – डॉ. परशुराम शुक्ल The students of Ambience School, Gurugram celebrated Grandparents Day with zeal and admiration yesterday. The celebration started with a power packed performance by our students, followed by a series of activities […]

Green Diwali Preparation at Ambience School, Gurugram

Students of Ambience School took a step to celebrate a sustainable Diwali this year, recycling trash to make sustainable paper rangolis, POP candles, lanterns, paper lamps, hangings and torans for Diwali decorations. Let’s aim to celebrate a Green Diwali this year!